Our activities focus on

  • Approving cosmetic products that are natural and truly active through the CosmEthically ACTIVE certificate.
  • Providing evidence-based information and educating users about cosmetic ingredients of natural origin through the Modern Cosmetics book.


The world's most comprehensive book on cosmetic ingredients of natural origin written by scientists, and intended for professionals and cosmetic users. Something completely new in the field of scientific and popular literature.

The CosmEthically ACTIVE certificate allows the consumer to immediately recognise products that are formulated solely with natural ingredients in cosmetically active concentrations.

Cosmetic products should be more than just a matter of bombastic descriptions or eye-catching ads.

Our mission is to spread the culture and importance of ACTIVE cosmetics – cosmetics that not only make promises, but can actually keep them. We also look forward to educating the consumer about cosmetic ingredients and formulas, and the science behind them.