CosmEthically ACTIVE Box

CosmEthically ACTIVE ‘MUST-HAVE’ Beauty Box

What is inside the beauty box?

RE.GLOW oil serum from Matinata (30 ml)
CRÈME NEUTRE from Rendez-Vous Nature (60 ml)
MY BODY BUTTER from Natcosmetics (100 g)


All the products are suitable for all skin types! You can read more about the products below.


Experts of the Modern CosmEthics association have carefully selected three products from three different brands certified as CosmEthically ACTIVE, which are the proud pioneers of the CosmEthically ACTIVE certification. The CosmEthically ACTIVE ‘Must-Have’ Beauty Box will nourish and pamper your skin naturally and actively, from head to toe.


LIMITED EDITION – only 150 available!


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The product is available only for the European region. The estimated delivery time is 5-7 working days. We are doing our best to ensure you receive your product as soon as possible, but please be aware that some shipments could take longer due to the postal service in each country.

A wonderful present and an amazing gift idea
Don’t know what to give your friends/family/boyfriend/girlfriend… for a present? The CosmEthically ACTIVE ‘Must-Have’ Beauty Box is suitable for everyone and all skin types. The products have been selected to best suit the skin’s needs and are packed in a beautiful box.

Respect the highest of values and ethical principles.
It isn’t only your skin that deserves genuine respect, but also nature, animals and the environment we live in. That’s why the products of the CosmEthically ACTIVE ‘Must-Have’ Box are made exclusively with no-animal and eco-friendly ingredients.

The CosmEthically ACTIVE ‘Must-Have’ Box is the first beauty box with active natural cosmetics that were approved by scientists and certified with the CosmEthically ACTIVE certificate.

CosmEthically ACTIVE ‘Must-Have’ Box – Products of the highest quality and value.
By using CosmEthically ACTIVE certified products, you’ve chosen science-based, skin- and animal-friendly, respectful-of-nature and high-performing cosmetics.

CosmEthically ACTIVE is the first certificate that pursues an integral approach to the evaluation of cosmetics. Every product is evaluated by an expert group of cosmetology scientists to follow the strictest criteria based on the skin’s natural needs, the highest level of environmental protection and ethical values, and the principles of modern, evidence-based formulating.