Modern Cosmetics

Ingredients of Natural Origin
A Scientific View, Volume 1

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  • The Modern Cosmetics book is a must-have for everyone interested in natural cosmetics.
  • It provides high-quality and reliable scientific information about natural ingredients used in skincare and cosmetics.
  • Don’t google ingredients for hours! This book saves you tons of time and is also a great source of inspiration.
  • The book earned the “Prometheus of science for excellence in communication”, the highest award in Slovenia for best practices in scientific communication.


  • Skincare lovers and DIY formulators as no.1 source of information about natural ingredients
  • Students of cosmetics as no.1 recommended study literature about natural ingredients
  • Cosmetic brand owners as help in building a cosmetic brand.
  • Cosmetic formulators as it answers most common questions when considering ingredients for a cosmetic product
  • Cosmetic chemists/professionals/scientists as a reliable source of scientific facts

Modern Cosmetics book content:

  • a 482-page textbook;
  • 24 chapters;
  • 290 monographs describing more than 500 ingredients, including their natural sources, characteristics, the mechanism of action and use;
  • rich graphic material;
  • extensive references.

Individual cosmetic ingredients are presented in the form of monographs, using a uniform and clear structure.

The key elements of these monographs are:

  1. INCI classification,
  2. botanical descriptions of plant sources,
  3. characteristics and
  4. the mechanism of action and use, including in vitro, in vivo and clinical studies.

Example of a monograph

Modern Cosmetics does not include formulation recipes, but it does include recommended concentrations where appropriate.

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Based on reader’s feedback (survey among book owners preformed in Feb 2022), the Modern Cosmetics book is a huge help when researching the ingredients. In addition to being the most comprehensive textbook about cosmetic ingredients of natural origin, it is:
Reliable and based on scientific facts
Modern Cosmetics brings evidence-supported knowledge. It is based on a comprehensive review of scientific studies. More than 500 references (added citations in the book) and 20 books were studied, which means that data were summarised from more than 6000 pages of information.
Easy to read
Yet, they are explained clearly and systematically. And the book language is understandable and easy to read.
Studying, and even more importantly, understanding scientific literature demands hours and hours of your time. We have done this for you.
When formulating, sometimes you just need inspiration – inspiration about trendy ingredients, how to improve your product or how to combine the ingredients. Yes, inspiration is among the book’s top-rated comments.
Reader’s book satisfaction
Based on our reader’s feedback the book highly satisfies their expectations:

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Nina Modern Cosmetics

The book was written by 11 scientists led by Prof. Nina Kocevar Glavac, PhD. Nina is one of the leading world experts in the field of natural cosmetic ingredients.

Nina devoted more than 20 years of her professional career to research and study of medicinal plants and cosmetic ingredients of natural origin. She works as a lecturer and researcher at the Department of Pharmaceutical Biology, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. She also educates members of different professional associations, herbal associations and the general public about the therapeutic and safe use of medicinal plants, and cosmetic formulators about cosmetic ingredients in natural cosmetics.

Nina has written and edited several other books and textbooks, and more than 40 scientific, professional and popular articles. She is the editor of the Pharmaceutical Journal of Slovenia and the CosmEthically ACTIVE Journal.