Modern Cosmetics

ingredients of natural origin
a scientific view , VOLUME 1

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For professionals and DIY cosmetic makers

Modern Cosmetics is an important source of information for both the field of science and the general public. Due to its scientific and practical value, it is intended for medical professionals, such as cosmetologists, pharmacists, doctors and students of natural sciences, but also for cosmetic users, particularly the users of natural cosmetics and DIY cosmetic makers.

Comprehensive and detailed

Written in a very comprehensive language, it earned the “Prometheus of science for excellence in communication”, the highest award in Slovenia for best practices in scientific communication. Individual cosmetic ingredients are presented in the form of monographs, using a uniform and clear structure. The key elements of these monographs are: 1) INCI classification, 2) botanical descriptions of plant sources, 3) characteristics and 4) the mechanism of action and use, including in vitro, in vivo and clinical studies.