Our Team

Our goal is to spread knowledge about and the associated values of so called cosmEthically active cosmetics that are based on the skin’s natural needs, physiologically and ecologically acceptable cosmetics ingredients, and modern approaches of cosmetology.

In order to give consumers the information they need in the friendliest way possible, we provide them different tools and sources of knowledge, such as books and other scientific publications, as well as advice on cosmetic formulations. For consumers seeking the most natural, skin and environmentally friendly cosmetic products available at the global level, we have also developed the CosmEthically ACTIVE certificate.

Nina Kočevar Glavač

Nina is the mastermind of Modern CosmEthics activities, and now leads an expert group for cosmetic product review during the CosmEthically ACTIVE certification process. She is a pharmacist by profession and doctor of pharmaceutical sciences, who lectures students about medicinal plants and cosmetic ingredients of natural origin, and researches them in a laboratory setting. Her scientific background is also the driving force behind her development of formulations of natural cosmetics. In her professional and private life, she shares her love and respect for the richness of the natural world. She raises her three curious children by this life motto.

Tončka Mavrič

Tončka graduated with a degree in foreign languages, but also cultivates her passion for cosmetology. She started her journey in the world of cosmetic science more than 10 years ago by studying the science of cosmetic formulation and developing formulas for her own needs. At the beginning of 2013, she began writing a blog about the science of natural cosmetic formulation, which is one of the most reliable online sources about cosmetology in Slovenia. As a team manager at Modern CosmEthics, she is responsible for day-to-day activities and work organisation.

Katja Schoss

Katja has had a love for flowers, herbs and cosmetics since she was a child. This is one of the many reasons she earned her degree in the field of cosmetology, where she gained knowledge about all types of cosmetic products and decided that natural products are the best. She is always searching for new ingredients, and focuses on those that can grow in her own garden and can be used in her own cosmetic formulas for herself, her friends and work. Within the Modern CosmEthics team, her versatile knowledge, experience and communication skills help in the performance of everyday tasks, from formulation to marketing activities.