Products that not only make promises, but actually keep them

The CosmEthically ACTIVE certificate differs from all other cosmetic certificates by recognising products that can deliver the promises they make, by evaluating and identifying cosmetically active ingredients and, even more importantly, by identifying the concentrations of those ingredients in a cosmetic product. The certificate allows you to immediately recognise products that are formulated solely with natural ingredients in cosmetically active concentrations.

Nature above all when selecting the ingredients

Use of cosmetically active ingredients in active concentrations

Rational use of ingredients with no redundancy

Pursuit of ethical principles with no animal testing of products

Concentration matters

Why concentration matters?

Cosmetically active ingredients are responsible for the desired skin care effects of cosmetic products, e.g. antioxidative effects. Marketing promises are therefore primarily based on the presence of cosmetically active ingredients and their cosmetic effects.

However, cosmetic regulations are very poorly defined in terms of cosmetically active concentrations. This generally allows cosmetic manufacturers to hide behind their claims and include only the minimum, and not necessarily the effective, quantities of cosmetically active ingredients.

Without a suitable concentration, no significant cosmetic effects can be expected. The CosmEthically ACTIVE certificate provides you the certainty of an evidence-based cosmetic product, formulated using cosmetically active ingredients that have been scientifically proven to express cosmetic effects after their application.

Serving the skin and nature

The CosmEthically ACTIVE certificate identifies products that are based on the skin’s natural needs and are environmentally acceptable, meaning that the individual cosmetic ingredients they contain are highly biodegradable.

The CosmEthically ACTIVE certificate allows only ecologically acceptable cosmetic ingredients, including those found in nature and those that do not occur in nature. The latter are sometimes irreplaceable by completely natural cosmetic ingredients. However, it is strictly required that they be synthesised from natural building blocks, into which they are subsequently broken down.

The highest standards

The standards for the CosmEthically ACTIVE cosmetics are based on the skin’s biological functions, and physiologically and ecologically acceptable cosmetic ingredients.

CosmEthically ACTIVE certificate criteria

  • a cosmetic product must comply with the applicable cosmetic regulations
  • a cosmetic product must not be tested on animals
  • only the use of physiologically and ecologically acceptable cosmetic ingredients, both of natural origin and synthetic origin, is allowed
  • the selection of individual cosmetic ingredients, particularly cosmetically active ingredients, is rational and evidence-based
  • cosmetically active ingredients are incorporated into cosmetic products in evidence-based concentrations
  • the use of rational cosmetic products is demanded: individual cosmetic ingredients in a final formulation must be selected on strictly case-by-case basis, without redundant ingredients, and their total number should be kept to a minimum

The document “List of permitted (semi)synthetic ingredients" will be available soon.